About Us

Welcome to The Brownie Bakers! We're Vancouver's 1st and only brownie and coffee food truck! We serve up gourmet brownies, a full service coffee bar and more! Our gourmet brownies that feature locally sourced ingredients and are sustainably made.

We started The Brownie Bakers in 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shortly after relocating with my previous company from Toronto to Vancouver, I was terminated. Moving across the country during a pandemic coupled with unemployment seemed to be the worst thing to ever happen to my mom and I. What seemed like a curse turned into a blessing when I decided to take a leap of faith and start The Brownie Bakers!

In March 2021 - my mom and I launched our Brownie Mobile - a small food trailer where we get to share our brownies with so many more people in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. 

It has grown into something beyond my wildest dreams. As we continue to grow and learn along the way - our values will always focus on sourcing locally and implementing more sustainable practices! 

Thank you for supporting my mom and I. Click the video below to watch our story!

With gratitude,